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Heather Youmans - Worth It (Official Music Video)
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Heather Youmans - A Little Closer To Happy (Official Music Video)
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Heather Youmans - Shine (Official Music Video)
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Heather Youmans performs on "I Can See Your Voice"
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Heather's latest single, WORTH IT, chronicles the journey of two lovers, who despite their differences and life challenges, always find a way to 'make it work.’ The music video features my real-life husband, who I wrote the song about and - ironically enough - he was randomly cast as my love interest in another music video I put out 10 years ago (we got set up!). We first met at a recording studio when we were teenagers and he was my guitar player and long-time friend several years before we dated. Fast forward to the present and we’ve been married for over six years. Marriage isn’t easy. Nobody gives you a guidebook to navigate it. We’re not perfect. My husband and I got married young, and we’ve had our bumps, but we learned how to grow together AND we still play music with eachother to this day. I hope “Worth It” reassures couples everywhere that it’s ok if love isn’t perfect. It’s not meant to be. That’s what makes it beautiful and worth it. This serves as the third chapter to my artist project, which is commentary on happiness. It started with SHINE - a coming of age story about self love - and left off with A LITTLE CLOSER TO HAPPY - a realist’s view of happiness. WORTH IT finds an optimistic point of view and light in great love’s challenges. 

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